Desinging bottle tops

3D software with prototype of LED bracket

Prototype for bottle top LED holder.

I’ve been excited about 3D printing to enhance Craftplay.  The revelation I had was to print brackets rather than things of beauty in their own right.  In digital arts parlance – we are “making the things that make the things”.

This is a prototype of a cap for a shampoo bottle that will hold a “Noepixel” colour changing LED.  It works, but I am now creating a modular version with replaceable sections for different sorts of bottle.  This will give us a flexible light show for babies or result in utter madness.


looking forward to the session tomorrow, been working on the scissors in the workshop lately, some slow but steady progress, with a few disasters along the way!

22nd November

Double day two STRONG sessions.

The morning session was my first with the slightly older nursery group. They are a strong group with lots of sharing and cooperation between the children and  between the adults and children too.

An overwhelming display of strength was shown by some of the children, using the tools laid out and pushing their entire length of the handles in the ground.  They confidently ran round the space exploring the tools and the environment.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE      In the forefront of my thoughts was where the final commission will be used, how the indoor environment will work with the final commission piece, the kind of ‘tools’ that could work both inside and out.  The ‘loose parts’ the tools  could be used with…..paint, clay, soil, sand, glitter, dough, foam.

Todays session allowed the strength of the children to be tested and stretched with the tools, will these experiences be possible inside?

Tools that attach to the body??  Observing one child getting a lot of enjoyment from discovering the shapes the bottom of his shoes made on the the ground, could the tools attach to the body?

The Afternoon Session, this group have grown in confidence from that first session where they stayed so close to the adults.  Again this was another STRONG session, lots of pushing banging, pushing banging pushing banging with the tools lots of repetition.

Some great collaborative play occured this session between the tools and john’s unfired clay pots. A satisfyling shattering of the clay  followed by collecting of the pieces into  a vessel, very focused and absorbed play.

A new kind of play was observed today for the first time , the ‘rolling pin’ tool was turned into a gun….could the appearance of the tools be more ambiguous allowing the users more of themselves to be projected on to the objects. Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 14.55.27 Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 14.55.11 Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 14.54.59

Where did that week go!?

slip painting a bowlclay leaves & perspexIt’s another Happy Craftplay eve Hurrah!

So looking forward to the next outside adventure at Bilston tomorrow. Lots of ideas converging from the last session on the 15th – significance of tools, collecting, transporting, layering, painting, spreading… I’ve had the opportunity to make a few air dried offerings for the children to engage with. Raw clay pots that might dissolve in the elements, or can be transformed into other objects? (been thinking lots about Annemarie’s hay-balls too and how the children discover them in the garden time & time again…) How do we value objects that are semi permanent or disappear into the landscape? Are these objects appropriate as a commissioned resource?